Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Oops

So I went the grocery store after work yesterday. My intention was to buy just soup (for lunch) and milk (for my boy). But I had a list and some other things were on sale as well. I bought bottled water, on sale for $3.24, I had coupons for the soup (saved $2.10), bratwurst was on sale (2/$6) I bought a few other things on sale also. So I check out and forgot to use my bonus/loyalty card. I didn't realize until I got home. It was late and I had a major headache and could not go all the way back to the store, even though they're only about 20 minutes away. I was so upset with myself and the cashier for not asking me for it. I immediately thought, I'll call the store and ask for my savings back. As I'm dialing the number, I'm thinking this is crazy, there is no way they'll let me have my money back. And there on the bottom of the receipt are the savings I could have to gotten if I had used my card. Guess how much . . . $9.53. So I call the store and sure enough I can come back and get my money. Usually, I am the first to enter my phone number or pull out my card, but not last night. It's no wonder the bill was so high. My head was throbbing at that point and I just wanted to go home. I'm still mad that I paid full price for the water, it was $6.27!!??!! I'll be getting my money back tonight, thank you very much.