Monday, September 8, 2008

I was busy with some other things last week and neglected to post anything new. My eBay items ended. I sold one item. Yeah, I know, but I am trying to remain positive and look at the bright side. I felt a little discouraged, so I posted two other things on Craigslist to see how they do. I also began researching some other ways of making or saving money online.

One way of making money is to be an e-juror or online juror. It's just like being a member of a jury in a courtroom, but you're at home instead. These are mock trials that lawyers use to make an evaluation of their cases. It helps them get ready for trial. Depending on the case you can make anywhere from $10 - $60 per case. Sign up with more than just one website, because it could be a while before you are contacted. Here are some to get started with:

jury test
online verdict
zap jury
trial juries
trial practices

I will list some other money making/saving tips in the next few days. I read the book
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's the story of how the author sold everything and traveled to three places and her experiences. At the end of the book she says we should keep a journal and write down three things every day: 1) your happy moments; 2) what you really, really, really want; and 3) your mantra. I try to do all three everyday and sometimes it's hard to find the happy moments, but you will find them. I will list my number one here every day just to remind myself and all of you even in the midst of it all there are happy moments to share and look back upon and remember.

My Happy Moments:
I sold 1 item on eBay, I woke up to a beautiful morning, I have a job I love to come to everyday, my son gave me hugs and kisses and said he loves me.

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